Trout Ponds $150, abound on Cape Cod. Browns, Brookies, Rainbows, & Tiger species can be hooked using light tackle and fly fishing technique. In the photo montage below Michael Mullaney is featured landing; a perch, the largemouth, toothy pickerel, & a trout.

April starts the season each year for the ponds on Cape Cod.  This is a great time of the year to fish because the bulk of the tourists have not arrived yet. 


There are so many ponds that hold great opportunity and most days anglers will have a great time; fly fishing, light tackle with lures, or just using power bait, live minnow and worms.

Call us at 508-241-1596 and we can help you pick a great motel to stay at located close to the best fishing.

The traveling angler can expect to find several ponds home to each town on the Cape. These water ways interact with the ocean in many ways.  In the spring the migrating herring travel from their journey out to seas back up thru the estuaries and eventually end up spawning into the ponds.  The baby herring become a fantastic food source for fish, birds, reptiles and make Cape Cod an incredible biosphere.

Mike's Journal


Capt. John Fitzgerald and is wife Jennifer run a dual business chartering from Wellfleet Harbor and with their cottages.  The Tagan's cottages are quaint and perfectly set up to accept Traveling Anglers.


One and two bedroom fully equipped cottages. Partly wooded and each has own picnic area with table and grill. One mile to beautiful ocean beaches, 3 miles to town center and harbor, 1/4 mile to bike trail and rentals. Reasonably priced. Booking for weekly, seasonal or nightly. Capt. John's Charter service is called "West Arrow Sportfishing".  He is based in Wellfleet and also can trailer to many of the other Harbor's on The Cape.

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