Kayaking $199, is one of the best ways to fish on Cape Cod.  We fish the estuaries, bay, and beach from May 15th to Oct 15th. (4 hours & Includes Boat Rental)


The kayak fishing excursion for 4 hours is priced at $149 and includes fishing gear.  Add $50 for each kayak rental per person. Or bring your own kayak.  

Also ask for kayaking on the many ponds Cape Cod has to offer.

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Fishing from the kayak is one of the most exciting ways to do it.  The stealthy approach, meaning that there is virtually no engine noise using these style of boats creates a situation where anglers can get very close to stripers and not have them spooked.

We can also help your group plan to fish the tide perfectly as to make the paddling adventure enjoyable.

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