Enjoy fishing from a kayak all across Cape Cod! 

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Fish in the shallow waters of Cape Cod and catch the Striped Bass, Blue Fish, and False Alabacore!

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We have a charter boat ready for you in virtually all the harbors on Cape Cod. Fish Nantucket Sound, Cape Cod Bay, or The Eastern facing open Atlantic.

Deep Sea Fishing


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Call us today to reserve your placement in our fantastic 2020 full color brochure!

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New For 2020!, we will be producing a full color 16 page brochure to help travelers find more information on the history of "Sea Captain's Row" and "The Crowell Homestead Living History Museum" located at 35 Pleasant Street Hyannis, MA.  The 5 topics will be; Capt. Crowell cross 7 Seas, Capt. Cook starting at Whigby, The Native Americans, Adventure Learning, & Preserving 35 Pleasant Street.


Dominic Alessandra, the founder of The Capt. Allen Crowell museum & living homestead is excited and available to take folks on walking tours. He has traveled around the world, in the footsteps, of Capt. Allen Crowell taking photographs. And writing about the blended history of Sea Captains Row. Exploring and delving into the unique experiences of not only, Capt. Crowell, but many of Captain's that lived on Cape Cod, built homes in and around Hyannis, and sailed the world. For additional research and updates on the preservation efforts please goto http://www.seacaptainsrow.org/


The brochure will host and promote hospitality stay packages on Cape Cod that will include a blend of; sailing, kayaking, biking, or fishing in conjunction with learning about the living history.  Guests will have the opportunity to stay at a local; motel, B&B, hotel, cottage, or a resort and choose to visit the museum. Then combine this with other fantastic activity choices that are unique to Cape Cod!  The brochure will also feature local flavor for guests to help plan their itinerary. Such as places to eat, shop, or visit.


Dominic also feels "That this project embodies and is a time capsule of the founding history of Hyannis and Cape Cod. The other part is that the Crowell Homestead is one of the only remaining houses that tells the story.  The story told explores the world around you. And it takes you across 7 seas and 7 continents. Its all here at the museum to experience."


Other research that Dominic and the homestead is involved with, explores sea captains sailing from Whigby, England. "For example Capt. Cook also sailed around the 7 Seas."  More depth check out http://www.paxcorps.com/


Further insight in exhibition relates to and include  The Native Americans interacting with the Sea Captains. In spirited reflection to the 1800's, and with study of the development of The United States, Dominic has collected tons of; real artifacts, photography, and examples of how our history on Cape Cod evolved. Including the imagery of Native American's interacting with The Sea Captains in the beginning. His photographs of, Native American Indians, with an 18th Century original Victorian Camera are on view at the museum. Click here to view the pricing sheet.

                   The Traveling Angler to Cape Cod for 2019-2020


Cape Cod is world renowned for its beaches and blue water.  Sport Fishers seeking to vacation here have the unique opportunity to take advantage of the many species of game fish that call this place home.  The Traveling Angler is the perfect resource to check out various hotels, motels, resorts, cottage rentals, and Bed & Breakfasts.  Utilizing these we can connect you to virtually any type of fishing stay package.


Our fishing season runs from May thru October. It always starts when the bait fish arrive from their migration up the Atlantic Seaboard. These smaller fish are chased by the larger trophy sized game species that anglers from around the world get excited on. These travelers have their pick with different types adventures such as; deep sea, shallow water flat’s boats, kayaking, surf casting, and even biking the canal or rail trail.


Once you've been here, anglers usually come back to Cape Cod year after year as the hospitality is fantastic.  The geography of "The Giant Sand Bar" can be defined by 3 distinct sides or areas to fish on this peninsula.


The First region for fishers to explore is the south side. And also referred to as Nantucket Sound.  Capt. John Curry's explains, "In the springtime the annual runs of; Squid, Herring, Mackeral, Pogies, & Anchovy arrive to these waters. The event is activated by the warmer temperature, and the phytoplankton thrives with The Cape's clean water. The biosphere turns on."  "As winter loosens it's cold grip on our waters the first arrivals are our River Herring followed by a variety of baitfish like silversides, Grass Shrimp and more pods of Squid. Our Striped Bass, Bluefish and Fluke are right in their heals and hungry from their migration north. The "south side" as we call it, is Vineyard, Nantucket sounds and Buzzards Bay and the early season fishing is incredible. Around July 4th our fish develop a summer pattern and many stripers enter Cape Cod Bay with a variety of species on all sides of the Cape throughout the season."  John can trailer his charter boat to most harbors on Cape Cod. 


Capt. Marc Costa , out of Rock Harbor explains, "On the heels of the smaller fish are the larger fish that feed on them and view them as prey.  The herring swim right up from the ocean into the estuaries and usually thru a man made fish ladder into a fresh water pond to spawn.  There are over 30 herring runs within the 14 towns on Cape Cod.  Most of them have great access with walking trails and bike paths."  "All summer long we fish the bay side for Stripers and Blue fish, and other species holding in the area.".  Marc's boat is called The Columbia and fantastic for groups up to 6 people. Marc's main focus is Cape Cod Bay.


Capt. Tony Biski marks his calendar each season and feels that "as the temperature of the water makes its way to 50 to 55 degrees, the Stripers are usually here in big numbers, this can occur during April and/or the beginning of May."   Tony is a sound fly caster and light tackle enthuasist. 


Pro Fly Fishing Guide, Michael J. Mullaney after talking with many seasoned sport fisherman, clarifies "The Striped Bass land in May.  Bluefish in June. Followed by Bluefin Tuna, & Seabass later in the month. In July Atlantic Marlin & the pelagic show up, and a wide array of sharks.  The fall blitz brings the season to a close  with the water exploding, as all these runs of fish are feeding heavy for their migration back down the Coast. Including the False Albacore and Bonito, both sought-after game fish."   Michael loves to kayak fish.  


The Second area to investigate is the north side called Cape Cod Bay.  And if you choose to fish close to the beach, there is a series of very shallow water called the flats.  Michael has observed over the years that “the Stripers move in and out of these flats with the tide making for fantastic site fishing action.”  The Bay lies between Plymouth on the mainland and Province-town on the tip of the peninsula.  (Approximately 26 miles between the mainland and the tip).  The Bay is famous for all sorts of deep sea fishing.


The Third zone that anglers scout out and fish is the eastern facing beaches or Atlantic Ocean.  Capt. Mort Terry gets excited "Just miles off shore on many days we encounter; whales, tuna, and the pelagic species that come close, because the bait always like to be here."   Mort also offer whale watching trips in this region when then timing is right.


Michael also wanted to let folks know to, "not forget that we have over 50 great ponds that hold; trout, bass, perch, pickerel, and more!"